Appointment Information

Initial Office Appointment

Time: up to 2 hrs
Cost (in office or virtual): DKK 1100

Follow-Up Office Appointment

Time: up to 1 hr
Cost (in office or virtual): DKK 850

Home Visit

Time: up to 2 hrs
Cost: DKK 1100 plus travel fee

The travel fee starts at DKK 600 and is based on the travel time via transit from my office to your home. Please enter your address below to calculate the total appointment cost, including travel.


Postnatal Appointments

Personalized Care for Your Individual Situation

The best time to seek breastfeeding help is as soon as you begin to recognize that you’re facing difficulties. But whether issues are new or have been going for some time, we can work toward developing a more comfortable and successful breastfeeding experience for you and your baby.

For those with more complex or long-term issues, we begin with the most critical issues, then schedule additional appointments as needed.

What should I expect from a postnatal appointment?

Appointments involve:

  • an exploration of the mother’s breastfeeding goals
  • a history of the pregnancy and labor
  • a history of the breastfeeding up to this point
  • a physical exam of the mother’s breasts, areolae, and nipples
  • a physical exam of the baby’s mouth structures, head, and neck
  • a physical exam (by gloved finger) of the baby’s ability to coordinate sucking
  • a pre and post-feed weight check (accurate to 2 grams) to measure the baby’s ability to transfer milk
  • an observation of the mother and baby’s current breastfeeding technique
  • suggestions for improving the success of breastfeeding
  • a written care plan that the mother (and often partner) and I create together, based on the mother’s breastfeeding goals and what she finds manageable
  • communication with your primary healthcare providers, as needed

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