Appointment Information

Time: 1–2 hours
Cost: DKK 975
Note: Prenatal appointments are in-office appointments.

Prenatal Appointments

In one study, 92% of new moms reported difficulty with breastfeeding in the first week after birth.

Since comfortable and successful breastfeeding may not be intuitive for new parents, a prenatal appointment is a great way to learn how to develop a successful breastfeeding relationship from the first hour after birth. Learn about breast changes, birth choices, positioning, latch, milk transfer, normal newborn habits, and any special topics that fit your family’s needs. This is a personalized appointment where you may get answers to questions, and support for concerns, in a private environment. Depending on your health issues and concerns, this appointment may last up to two hours, so please plan on this time together.

Unless a mother desires otherwise, the prenatal appointment also involves a brief physical exam of the mother’s breasts.

Is a prenatal appointment right for you?

Prenatal appointments are especially useful for women with:

  • a history of low milk supply with a previous baby
  • a history of ongoing breastfeeding pain or difficulty with a previous baby
  • a history of having given up on breastfeeding earlier than desired with a previous baby
  • a history of any breast/nipple surgery
  • flat or inverted nipples
  • insulin-dependent diabetes
  • a history of PCOS and/or female-related infertility
  • pregnancy with twins or higher multiples
  • family members and/or partner who are uncomfortable with, who are uncertain about, or who lack knowledge about, breastfeeding
  • and any medical issues where a mother will be on maintenance medication during lactation

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