The cost of the prenatal breastfeeding class is DKK 695 per couple. Each class lasts approximately two hours, followed by a thirty-minute Q&A session. A packet of resources is included for you to take home.


Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

Expectant parents often assume that because breastfeeding is natural, it will also be easy from day one. But in addition to your intuition, like most things worth doing, breastfeeding comfortably and successfully involves knowledge you need to learn and skills you need to develop.

Taught by an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), this small-group class will help prepare you for a successful breastfeeding relationship with your baby.

This course focuses on birth and the first four days after birth, the vulnerable time when families are most likely to experience overwhelm and uncertainty about what they’re doing with infant feeding. Getting a good start in these early days often makes all the difference for how and whether breastfeeding goes forward.

Designed for third-trimester moms together with your partner/support person, the class will develop your abilities around how to do these things:

  • See signs that your body is preparing for milk production, and know when (on rare occasions) to be concerned;
  • Understand the way birth choices and interventions may affect early breastfeeding;
  • Recognize when your baby needs to eat;
  • Best position your baby’s body for breastfeeding;
  • Help your baby latch for comfortable and successful feeding;
  • Figure out whether your baby is getting enough to eat;
  • Understand what are normal and what are concerning newborn behaviors; and
  • Decide whether you need to seek professional help with feeding, if challenges arise.
  • For partners, this class can strengthen your relationship with mom and baby by offering you an understanding of why breastfeeding matters and by developing the pivotal role you can play as the supporter for breastfeeding.

The class will last approximately two hours, followed by about thirty minutes of a question-and-answer period for participants to get professional input about anything else you’d like to know about early breastfeeding. The small-group format means you have more chance to ask whatever questions you may have. A packet of resources for you to take home is included in the class.

The class is being taught in English. Families who speak English as a first or second language are welcome to attend.

Class locations


The Sunday, March 24 class in Nørrebro is held at 15:00 at Café Tilda; click here for directions via Google Maps.

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