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About Sally Parrott, IBCLC

I am an…

I have assisted more than four hundred families with feeding comfortably and successfully.
I regularly attend conferences and workshops to learn current best practices, and I keep up with the latest research.
IBCLCs are the only type of healthcare provider specializing in breastfeeding (read more in English or Dansk).
Who Has
Been There
Before I became an IBCLC, I experienced challenges in breastfeeding my own son.
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What Do Others Have to Say?

Sally has been so patient and supportive through our journey. I’ve regained confidence in my ability to feed my baby and make it to my goal.”

— Zondrea

Sally provided much-needed emotional support during a vulnerable moment, and her expertise around latching, holding positions, pain and swelling management were invaluable.”

— Emily

Sally handled me and my baby and our difficulties, with great professionalism, empathy and commitment. My daughter is now 10 months old, and we still enjoy nursing.”

— Nadia

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I am not available to schedule new clients.

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