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These days, of course, we know that breastfeeding/chestfeeding is possible for many parents who aren't birthing their children. These are parents who are expecting a baby via adoption or a gestational carrier, or who will be co-nursing a baby their partner carried.

As you contemplate pursuing this, your mind and heart might be jumping around like mine were in 2012:

  • Excitement about the bonding and health benefits
  • Longing for the normalcy this kind of connection could bring
  • Anxiety over whether I could trust my body to manage it
  • Overwhelm as I tried to sort through the options to find what was the best set of options for me

Here are a few basic
facts you should know:

  • About 23 of the people who induce lactation make some milk. 13 don't.
  • Parents who induce lactation are generally happiest if they have flexible expectations for outcomes.
  • The more lead time parents have, the better the chances are for significant milk supply.
  • Some parents are able to make enough milk for exclusive breastfeeding. These are usually parents who have breastfed a child previously or who have experienced a pregnancy at least into the second trimester.
  • Many non-gestational parents use donor breastmilk to supplement their own supply.
  • The benefits of breastfeeding go well beyond breastmilk: even when parents do not produce milk, both they and the baby benefit from feeding at the breast.

For parents who want to go it alone, the book
Breastfeeding Without Birthing is a great resource.

For parents who want a custom-designed path that is appropriate for their situation, here is our process:

  • Book an appointment online
  • Submit medical and personal history
  • Have a virtual consultation to thoroughly review your care and create the best plan for you
  • Communicate by email and text about progress
  • Have a follow-up to adjust the plan 4–6 weeks later

We can't control all the variables. But we can eliminate frustration and overwhelm while maximizing the odds of meeting your personal definition of breastfeeding success.

Book a Non-Gestational Breastfeeding Appointment

My Adoptive Breastfeeding Experience

I am an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant who has supported over 40 parents in the breastfeeding-without-birth process. But I am also a mama who did adoptive breastfeeding with my own son.

The Breastfeeding Outside the Box podcast interviewed me about my personal experiences. You can read more here or listen by using the player below.


Sally gave me the incredible gift of helping me induce lactation in order to breastfeed our son, who we adopted. She was so caring and encouraging, and her knowledge was priceless through the whole process! Not only did breastfeeding help us create a strong bond but it also provided the best nourishment to help his development.”

— Amy

It’s two weeks until my baby is due [via surrogate] and I am already pumping 120 ml a day. I am so grateful for Sally’s help.”

— Ina

Sally helped me and my wife, Lynn, co-nurse our daughter. Sally’s knowledge and sensitivity are both assets in this process. She helped us define goals that worked for us and then reach them. I highly recommend her.”

— Marie N.

In the intense excitement of your baby's arrival, you will want to undertake breastfeeding knowing you have had the best guidance for the right methods for your needs. You can get started by booking an appointment today.

Book a Non-Gestational Breastfeeding Appointment

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