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I help you fix your breastfeeding issues so you can focus on enjoying early motherhood

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

Is this normal?

People told you, "Keep going and breastfeeding will get better"—but it hasn't.

Breastfeeding hurts!

Breastfeeding pain is unbearable, but professionals treat it as normal.

I'm so confused!

Everyone has different advice, and you don't know whom to believe.

All I do is feed my baby!

You currently have a care plan, but it's not manageable.

You deserve to have confidence
during early motherhood.

This is our process to turn things around for you.

— Step 1 —

Book an appointment online. (In-person or virtual)

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— Step 2 —

At the appointment, we thoroughly review your history and explore your current issues to get to the root causes of your breastfeeding difficulties.

— Step 3 —

We create a plan together to start making things better.

What Happens in an Appointment?

You will leave the first appointment with an initial care plan that's:
  • based on current research and best practices,
  • built for your real life, and
  • designed around your breastfeeding goals.
And you aren't on your own as you navigate the care plan:
  • at the initial appointment, we will schedule your first follow-up to check your progress and adjust the plan;
  • and between appointments, we will check in via text or phone, so that you consistently have the support you need.

We will work together until you feel secure about feeding your baby comfortably and successfully.

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I have supported over 400 families in getting past feeding challenges so that they can focus on enjoying life with their new baby. Here's what just a few have to say.

Sally did in five minutes what the doctors couldn’t do in six months. She allowed me to nourish my son while encouraging me to nourish myself through what can be an emotionally and physically taxing journey.”

— Marie T.

Sally has a calm and compassionate approach, and her knowledge is beyond impressive.”

— Laura

After I had seen four other lactation consultants, Sally was the only one who truly listened and offered a solution that worked.”

— Lori

How Do You Know If You Need This Level of Help?

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If you don't get the feeding help you need, how will the next month feel?

At the end of our initial appointments,
clients frequently say:

I only wish I'd found you sooner.”

My only regret is not listening to my instinct that something was wrong earlier.”

I have been carrying so much stress, but right now I feel calm for the first time since these issues started.”

You deserve to enjoy early motherhood.
Together, we can start you on that path this week.

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I am not available to schedule new clients.

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